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Our mission is to leverage the invasive species prevention work of our state and local partners through education, outreach, advocacy and rural connections.


The Central and Eastern Montana Invasive Species Team (CEMIST) is dedicated to addressing invasive species issues in an underserved area. We work collaboratively with local, regional, state, and federal organizations to create partnerships that have a regional focus.

Montana is facing significant challenges due to invasive species, which are causing social, economic, and environmental impacts. Unfortunately, Central and Eastern is an area that is often overlooked when it comes to education and outreach efforts related to invasive species. However, CEMIST is working hard to fill this gap by providing valuable information and resources to our partners and the public. We are committed to raising awareness and promoting effective strategies for managing invasive species in Montana.


CEMISTregionalMap (1)_edited.png

CEMIST's focus area encompasses all 47 counties east of the Continental Divide

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